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Silrathus is a superb gemcutter and light metalworker by profession, and a mediocre alchemist by hobby. Silrathus' educational background is primarily in astronomy, geology, and mathematics. She was family-educated in gemcutting and metalworking, and is self-taught in alchemy. Her skills as a gemcutter make her well-off enough to support herself and pay Murgatranthes (Silrathus' live-in accountant and dearest friend) a salary, provided Murgatranthes is the one doing the accounting. (Murgatranthes isn't an embezzler; Silrathus just isn't great at actually running a business.)

Besides alchemy, Silrathus' other hobby is weightlifting and building her physical strength. Because of this, she has the ability to take off vertically, which is an impressive feat for an ontos. When recovering from a workout, Silrathus likes to relax in hot mud springs.

Silrathus is reliable and dependable when summoned. Once you form a contract with her, she will not defect or leave until the terms of the contract are fulfilled (or you break them). She can speak English at a conversational level. She learned this from a Welsh demon-summoner, so she speaks it with something approximating a South Wales accent.

Like nearly all ontos, Silrathus was born with powers of thunder. Unusually for an ontos, she was always prouder and more fond of her secondary power (of fire) than her primary. She studied magical re-alignment hard enough to convert all her thunder powers into more fire - and in the process, she acquired her stylish red markings. Her magic is mildly unstable from having been converted to pure fire, but this should settle down over time.


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