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* as in the spike at the bottom of the array. She hasn't got spikes on her arse.


Murgatranthes has a strong educational background in accountancy (plus cartography and classic literature (demonic, not human)), and used to work for a prestigious museum as head of budget and security. She was later dismissed, having been promoted past her point of competence and damned if she was going to admit it. She was soon taken on by her friend Silrathus as an accountant, that being the part of her old job that she was in fact very good at.

Murgatranthes isn’t an ideal choice for a demon-summoner. She’s not that difficult to summon, and has strong thunder magic to offer. However, she’s quite easy to startle or excite and gets bored easily, which can be taxing on a summoner’s patience. She completes contracts to an unremarkable standard; performing the minimum amount of work needed to satisfy. You can’t complain, but you won’t find cause to recommend her either.

Despite being highly-strung, self-centred and volatile, Murgatranthes can be a good friend once she opens up to you. If you’re feeling down she’ll give you a nice wing-hug and listen to you while making sympathetic clucking sounds in all the right places. She is brave but easily startled.

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