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Terms of use

Clashcradyne is not an open-source project - it's my paracosm and it's very important to me! However, I don't mind other people creating their own characters within the setting for fun, or using the setting as inspiration for their own projects.

Direct use of images

Art by Voybridge

You can use and repost my art, but don't take credit for what you didn't do. Please link back to either or

If you edit my art, make it clear that it's been edited ('cos if your edit's shite, I don't want people thinking I did that).

You may not use any of my art for 'NFTs' or any other crypto-based venture, nor may you use it for training AI image generators.

Art by others

Some images on this site were made by other artists (as gift art or as commissions I bought). If you want to use these, you must contact the artists to find out their terms for use of their images. Visit the Gallery of Hoorj to find their pages.

Copying the setting/concepts

Feel free to lift whatever concepts you like from the Clashcradyne setting. (After all, just about everything in it was inspired by other media.) Commercial use is fine too, but if your project is a success, I'd appreciate a tip.

Designing your own creatures

Feel free to make your own character from existing Clashcradyne species. Rarity isn't restricted - if you want to make a character that has only ultra-rare features for its species, go for it.

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