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Bybloemen is a gorgeously-illustrated and funny webcomic about tulipmania, as seen from the point of view of devils sent to investigate humanity.

Author CB appears in the Gallery of Hoorj.

Mystery Flesh Pit National Park

The Mystery Flesh Pit blog is a collection of 'information' about a subterranean national park made of meat. I think the author does a great job of presenting it, balancing it between the horrifying and the goofy, and mixing cohesive world building with enough ambiguity to keep it mysterious.

Plus, I'm just extremely impressed by how the author manages to produce such a spread of multimedia. I love the graphic design of the warning signage especially.

City of Nodd (warning, 18+ and NSFW)

City of Nodd is an encyclopedia about a magical city and its inhabitants. It's so cool and re-visiting it always makes me excited to create!

Author Slug appears in the Gallery of Hoorj.

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